Evokup Story

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The idea

The Evokup adventure was inspired by the crossroads of our climbing adventures and the discovery of this incredible material. The constant need to optimize the weight of shipping equipment was one of the first motivations. The idea was to create a lightweight container, foldable and resistant at a time to be able to contain more than 25cl.

Evokup Story


  • Type Flexible cup
  • Format 10cm x 6.5cm x 5.8cm 
  • Colors Black/Blue/Green/Yellow/Orange/Pink
  • Weight 10g
  • Material Polyurethane
  • Year 2018
Evokup Story


What we imagined

Evokup Black

100% Practical

You can hang it, fold it, slip it in your pocket, dance, toast, take it everywhere with you, fight against plastic pollution, help save the oceans, reuse it for life …

Material from high technology

The polyurethane thermoplastic that makes up this cup is a material widely used in the food industry for its resistance to high temperatures and its sanitary properties. It does not deteriorate over time and does not reject any toxic particles.

Evokup Black
Evokup Black


One of the other objectives of this innovation was to be able to offer the possibility to people who like to move, to be able to store their glasses in their pocket. When going out into the nature, during musical events, at the beach … Evokup is the perfect match to combine party and refreshment. Organizations and society can buy Evokup in their effigy and will mark the spirits with this durable glass