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EvoKup is a new concept of a completely flexible glass, ultralight and reusable, ideal to take it everywhere and in any of your pockets. Its design is ergonomic, with two retention loops for greater stability in the hand. With a capacity of 250 ml and only 10 grams of weight, the EvoKup is made of a resistant thermoplastic, which complies with all current sanitary regulations. This revolutionary material is super resistant to tearing and temperatures (-40C to 100C), so your EvoKup can contain both cold and hot liquids and can be washed in a dishwasher.

Each year in each country more than 5 billion disposable cups are discarded, and 70% of them end up as plastic in our oceans. Thanks to its characteristics, EvoKup becomes your best ally to replace the use of disposable cups and thus contribute to reduce the plastic waste we produce. For example, in a company with 10 employees who drink about 4 drinks a day, they consume about 800 disposable cups per month, or 10,000 per year, not including all the other glasses they use outside the office. With Evokup you use the plastic in a conscious and sustainable way, while you are aware of the ephemeral use of disposable

You can order on this page : Shop

Customize Evokup (250 mínimum) CLICK HERE:  Customizing Evokup

The colors available to order personalized cups are: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Black, Pink, Purple and Red.

The colors available when the original Evokup cups are requested are: Pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and black

We deliver anywhere in the world. The shipping costs will be included during the validation of your order.

For Evokup customization orders, for your events, it is possible to deliver anywhere in the world according to quote.

Evokup was developed in the hope that eventually no plastic cup will be thrown away or consumed ephemeral. The Evokup tumbler is made of ultra-durable material that gives it lasting durability, protecting the oceans and the earth from plastic pollution. Plastic is not a polluting material if it is used wisely and recycled. The concept of Evokup makes it possible to have a conscious use of the plastic by offering the possibility to the users to have it with you daily.

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